OpenStack Networking (Neutron)
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Thomas Morin 5981bf416d OVSBridge: add --strict to allow priority in delete_flows
n8g-sfc currently has its own variant of OVSBridge to allow the use
of priority in a delete_flows call

This change is meant to make this available outside n8g-sfc and
simplify n8g-sfc code.

This change adds a 'strict' boolean parameter to mod_flow and delete_flows
that results in ovs-ofctl to be run with --strict for del-flows and
mod-flows actions.  When strict is set, the use of priority is allowed
and hence not rejected anymore.

Note that for batched actions in a deffered bridge, we disallow mixing
calls with strict and without strict, which can't be translated in one CLI

Needed-By: I3bf939590dd43bff685f133bff86eb7e9068de91
Change-Id: I289d546780f10dc1002ab6bc2e1b38c9ef2d728f
6 years ago
api-ref Fix some typos 7 years ago
bin XenAPI: add support for conntrack with XenServer 7 years ago
devstack Merge "devstack: switch to new NEUTRON_* variables" 6 years ago
doc Feature Classification Cleanup 6 years ago
etc Merge "Add PD support in HA router" 6 years ago
neutron OVSBridge: add --strict to allow priority in delete_flows 6 years ago
rally-jobs Trim rally scenario sizes 6 years ago
releasenotes Remove a release note for reverted patch 6 years ago
tools Fix bashate warnings 6 years ago
.coveragerc Cleanup coverage configuration 7 years ago
.gitignore Automatically generate neutron core configuration files 8 years ago
.gitreview Fix .gitreview to not point at a branch 8 years ago
.mailmap Add mailmap entry 9 years ago
.pylintrc Fix typo in .pylintrc file 6 years ago
.testr.conf Allow more time for DB migration tests 7 years ago
CONTRIBUTING.rst Make crystal clear how to contribute/approach the neutron community 7 years ago
HACKING.rst Merge "Replace assertEqual(None, *) with assertIsNone in tests" 7 years ago
LICENSE Adding Apache Version 2.0 license file. This is the official license agreement under which Quantum code is available to 12 years ago
README.rst Show team and repo badges on README 7 years ago
TESTING.rst Merge "TrivialFix: Modify the spelling mistake" 6 years ago
babel.cfg Use babel to generate translation file 10 years ago
bindep.txt Switch ns-metadata-proxy to haproxy 6 years ago
requirements.txt Updated from global requirements 6 years ago Add bashate support 6 years ago
setup.cfg Merge "Switch ns-metadata-proxy to haproxy" 6 years ago Updated from global requirements 6 years ago
test-requirements.txt Updated from global requirements 6 years ago
tox.ini Fix bashate warnings 6 years ago


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