OpenStack Networking (Neutron)
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LIU Yulong 9583dc0549 More accurate agent restart state transfer 3 years ago
agent More accurate agent restart state transfer 3 years ago
api Use addCleanup instead of tearDown 6 years ago
cmd More efficiently clean up OVS ports 5 years ago
common Change default exception in wait_until_true 6 years ago
db Add new test decorator skip_if_timeout 4 years ago
pecan_wsgi [Pecan] Fix custom tenant_id project_id matching 5 years ago
plugins Use constants from neutron-lib 7 years ago
sanity sanity check: Check that ip_nonlocal_bind works with namespaces 6 years ago
scheduler Remove deprecated min_l3_agents_per_router 6 years ago
services Add missing port UPDATE event to ML2 6 years ago
tests Use get_random_string from neutron-lib 6 years ago Avoid eventlet monkey patching for the tempest plugin 7 years ago Adopt privsep and read routing table with pyroute2 6 years ago TrunkManager for the OVS agent 6 years ago
requirements.txt More instructions for neutron-db-manage revision --autogenerate 7 years ago Adjust psutil usage for psutil > 2 6 years ago Use SIGUSR1 to notify l3 agent of changing prefix file 7 years ago