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LPAR Detailed Settings
Fine grained control over LPAR settings can be achieved by setting PowerVM
specific properties (``extra-specs``) on the flavors being used to instantiate a VM. For the
complete list of PowerVM properties see `IBM PowerVC documentation`_.
.. _`IBM PowerVC documentation`:
For example, to create a VM with one VCPU and 0.7 entitlement (0.7 of the physical
CPU resource), a user could use a flavor created as follows::
openstack flavor create --vcpus 1 --ram 6144 --property \
powervm:proc_units=0.7 pvm-6-1-0.7
In the example above ``powervm:proc_units`` property was used to specify CPU
entitlement for the VM.
Remarks For IBM i Users
By default all VMs are created as ``AIX/Linux`` type LPARs. In order to create