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Merge "Fix instance.hidden migration and querying"

Zuul 1 week ago
5 changed files with 85 additions and 6 deletions
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nova/db/sqlalchemy/ View File

@@ -2205,9 +2205,15 @@ def instance_get_all_by_filters_sort(context, filters, limit=None, marker=None,
filters['user_id'] = context.user_id

if 'hidden' not in filters:
# Filter out hidden instances by default.
filters['hidden'] = False
if filters.pop('hidden', False):
query_prefix = query_prefix.filter(models.Instance.hidden == true())
# If the query should not include hidden instances, then
# filter instances with hidden=False or hidden=NULL because
# older records may have no value set.
query_prefix = query_prefix.filter(or_(
models.Instance.hidden == false(),
models.Instance.hidden == null()))

# Filters for exact matches that we can do along with the SQL query...
# For other filters that don't match this, we will do regexp matching

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nova/db/sqlalchemy/migrate_repo/versions/ View File

@@ -20,5 +20,9 @@ def upgrade(migrate_engine):
for prefix in ('', 'shadow_'):
instances = Table('%sinstances' % prefix, meta, autoload=True)
if not hasattr(instances.c, 'hidden'):
hidden = Column('hidden', Boolean, default=False)
# NOTE(danms): This column originally included default=False. We
# discovered in bug #1862205 that this will attempt to rewrite
# the entire instances table with that value, which can time out
# for large data sets (and does not even abort).
hidden = Column('hidden', Boolean)

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nova/objects/ View File

@@ -1517,7 +1517,9 @@ class InstanceList(base.ObjectListBase, base.NovaObject):
# NOTE(mriedem): Filter out hidden instances since there should be a
# non-hidden version of the instance in another cell database and the
# API will only show one of them, so we don't count the hidden copy.
project_query = project_query.filter_by(hidden=false())
project_query = project_query.filter(
or_(models.Instance.hidden == false(),
models.Instance.hidden == null()))

project_result = project_query.first()
fields = ('instances', 'cores', 'ram')

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nova/tests/unit/objects/ View File

@@ -27,6 +27,8 @@ from oslo_versionedobjects import base as ovo_base
from nova.compute import task_states
from nova.compute import vm_states
from nova.db import api as db
from nova.db.sqlalchemy import api as sql_api
from nova.db.sqlalchemy import models as sql_models
from nova import exception
from import model as network_model
from nova import notifications
@@ -1964,7 +1966,53 @@ class _TestInstanceListObject(object):

class TestInstanceListObject(test_objects._LocalTest,
# No point in doing this db-specific test twice for remote
def test_hidden_filter_query(self):
"""Check that our instance_get_by_filters() honors hidden properly

As reported in bug #1862205, we need to properly handle instances
with the hidden field set to NULL and not expect SQLAlchemy to
translate those values on SELECT.
values = {'user_id': self.context.user_id,
'project_id': self.context.project_id,
'host': 'foo'}

for hidden_value in (True, False):
dict(values, hidden=hidden_value))

# NOTE(danms): Because the model has default=False, we can not use
# it to create an instance with a hidden value of NULL. So, do it
# manually here.
engine = sql_api.get_engine()
table = sql_models.Instance.__table__
with engine.connect() as conn:
update = table.insert().values(user_id=self.context.user_id,

insts = objects.InstanceList.get_by_filters(self.context,
{'hidden': True})
# We created one hidden instance above, so expect only that one
# to come out of this query.
self.assertEqual(1, len(insts))

# We created one unhidden instance above, and one specifically
# with a NULL value to represent an unmigrated instance, which
# defaults to hidden=False, so expect both of those here.
insts = objects.InstanceList.get_by_filters(self.context,
{'hidden': False})
self.assertEqual(2, len(insts))

# Do the same check as above, but make sure hidden=False is the
# default behavior.
insts = objects.InstanceList.get_by_filters(self.context,
self.assertEqual(2, len(insts))

class TestRemoteInstanceListObject(test_objects._RemoteTest,

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releasenotes/notes/instances_hidden_after_upgrade_to_train-9ce4731f31bc6bd2.yaml View File

@@ -0,0 +1,19 @@
- |
Upgrading to Train on a deployment with a large database may hit
`bug 1862205`_, which results in instance records left in a bad
state, and manifests as instances not being shown in list
operations. Users upgrading to Train for the first time will
definitely want to apply a version which includes this fix. Users
already on Train should upgrade to a version including this fix to
ensure the problem is addressed.

.. _bug 1862205:
- |
A fix for serious `bug 1862205`_ is provided which addresses both
the performance aspect of schema migration 399, as well as the
potential fallout for cases where this migration silently fails
and leaves large numbers of instances hidden from view from the