OpenStack Compute (Nova)
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REST API Version History

This documents the changes made to the REST API with every microversion change. The description for each version should be a verbose one which has enough information to be suitable for use in user documentation.


This is the initial version of the v2.1 API which supports microversions. The V2.1 API is from the REST API users's point of view exactly the same as v2.0 except with strong input validation.

A user can specify a header in the API request:

X-OpenStack-Nova-API-Version: <version>

where <version> is any valid api version for this API.

If no version is specified then the API will behave as if a version request of v2.1 was requested.


Added Keypair type.

A user can request the creation of a certain 'type' of keypair (ssh or x509) in the os-keypairs plugin

If no keypair type is specified, then the default ssh type of keypair is created.

Fixes status code for os-keypairs create method from 200 to 201

Fixes status code for os-keypairs delete method from 202 to 204


Exposed additional attributes in os-extended-server-attributes: reservation_id, launch_index, ramdisk_id, kernel_id, hostname, root_device_name, userdata.

Exposed delete_on_termination for attached_volumes in os-extended-volumes.

This change is required for the extraction of EC2 API into a standalone service. It exposes necessary properties absent in public nova APIs yet. Add info for Standalone EC2 API to cut access to Nova DB.


Show the reserved status on a FixedIP object in the os-fixed-ips API extension. The extension allows one to reserve and unreserve a fixed IP but the show method does not report the current status.


Before version 2.5, the command nova list --ip6 xxx returns all servers for non-admins, as the filter option is silently discarded. There is no reason to treat ip6 different from ip, though, so we just add this option to the allowed list.


A new API for getting remote console is added:

POST /servers/<uuid>/remote-consoles
  "remote_console": {
    "protocol": ["vnc"|"rdp"|"serial"|"spice"],
    "type": ["novnc"|"xpvnc"|"rdp-html5"|"spice-html5"|"serial"]

Example response:

  "remote_console": {
    "protocol": "vnc",
    "type": "novnc",
    "url": ""

The old APIs 'os-getVNCConsole', 'os-getSPICEConsole', 'os-getSerialConsole' and 'os-getRDPConsole' are removed.


Check the is_public attribute of a flavor before adding tenant access to it. Reject the request with HTTPConflict error.