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Elod Illes 338f4cef1d [www] Set Yoga series state as Unmaintained
With the new TC resolution the community replaces Extended Maintenance
with Unmaintained status [1].

According to the resolution the
- tip of the stable/yoga branches were tagged with yoga-eom tag
- unmaintained/yoga branches were cut from yoga-eom tags
- stable/yoga branches were deleted

Some further notes:
- there will no longer be official releases off of yoga branch
- backports can be pushed against unmaintained/yoga branch
- openstack-unmaintained-core have the rights to merge patches
  to unmaintained/* branches

For further details please read the resolution [1].


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Team and repository tags


OpenStack Manuals

This repository contains documentation for the OpenStack project.

For more details, see the OpenStack Documentation Contributor Guide.

It includes these manuals:

  • Architecture Design Guide
  • Documentation Contributor Guide
  • High Availability Guide
  • Installation Guide
  • Virtual Machine Image Guide

In addition to the guides, this repository contains:

  • contents: www


Various manuals are in subdirectories of the doc/ directory.


Some pre-requisites are needed to build the guides. If you are using a Linux operating system you can generate a report of missing local requirements with the bindep command:

$ tox -e bindep

All guides are in the RST format. You can use tox to prepare virtual environment and build all guides (HTML only):

$ tox -e docs

You can also build a specific guide.

For example, to build OpenStack Virtual Machine Image Guide, use the following command:

$ tox -e build -- image-guide

You can find the root of the generated HTML documentation at:


To build a specific guide with a PDF file, add a -pdf option like:

$ tox -e build -- image-guide --pdf

The generated PDF file will be copied to the root directory of the generated HTML documentation.

PDF builds are accomplished using LaTeX as an intermediate format. Currently, you can generate a PDF file for a limited number of guides. The supported list is maintained in the tools/ file.

If you get the error message make: xelatex: No such file or directory, it means your local environment does not have LaTeX installed. Read Getting LaTeX and Install dependencies for building documentation for instructions.

Testing of changes and building of all manuals

Install the Python tox package and run tox from the top-level directory to use the same tests that are done as part of the OpenStack CI jobs.

If you like to run individual tests, run:

  • tox -e publishdocs - to actually build the manual; this also generates a directory publish-docs that contains the built files for inspection
  • tox -e publishlang - to build translated manuals
  • tox -e linters - to run the niceness tests, for example, to see extra whitespaces
  • tox -e linkcheck - to run the tests for working remote URLs

The tox command uses the openstack-doc-tools package to run the tests.

Generated files

Some documentation files are generated using tools. These files include a do not edit header and should not be modified by hand. Please see Generated files.


Bugs should be filed on Launchpad, not GitHub:

Release Notes


Refer to to see where these documents are published and to learn more about the OpenStack project.