Nose plugin for OpenStack style test output
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openstack.nose_plugin - Nose plugin for openstack style test output

openstack.nose_plugin provides a nose plugin that allow's nosetests output to mimic the output of openstack's


pip install openstack.nose_plugin


The following options are available:

--with-openstack Enable plugin Openstack: Nova style output



Colorize run times greater than value red. [NOSE_OPENSTACK_RED] or 1.0


Colorize run times greater than value yellow. [NOSE_OPENSTACK_RED] or 0.25


Show the elaped runtime of tests. [NOSE_OPENSTACK_SHOW_ELAPSED]

--openstack-color Colorize output. [NOSE_OPENSTACK_COLOR] --openstack-nocolor Disable colorize output. [NOSE_OPENSTACK_COLOR] --openstack-num-slow=OPENSTACK_NUM_SLOW Number top slowest tests to report. [NOSE_OPENSTACK_NUM_SLOW]