Unified SDK for OpenStack
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openstacksdk Style Commandments

Read the OpenStack Style Commandments https://docs.openstack.org/hacking/latest/


PEP-8 allows for 'visual' indentation. Do not use it. Visual indentation looks like this:

Visual indentation makes refactoring the code base unnecessarily hard.

Instead of visual indentation, use this:

That way, if some_method ever needs to be renamed, the only line that needs to be touched is the line with some_method.

Additionally, if you need to line break at the top of a block, please indent the continuation line an additional 4 spaces, like this:

Neither of these are 'mandated' by PEP-8. However, they are prevailing styles within this code base.

Unit Tests

Unit tests should be virtually instant. If a unit test takes more than 1 second to run, it is a bad unit test. Honestly, 1 second is too slow.

All unit test classes should subclass openstack.tests.unit.base.TestCase. The base TestCase class takes care of properly creating Connection objects in a way that protects against local environment.

Test cases should use requests-mock to mock out HTTP interactions rather than using mock to mock out object access.

Don't Use setUpClass

setUpClass looks like it runs once for the class. In parallel test execution environments though, it runs once per execution context. This makes reasoning about when it is going to actually run and what is going to happen extremely difficult and can produce hard to debug test issues.

Don't ever use it. It makes baby pandas cry.