OpenStack Operator Tools and Scripts
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OpenStack Operator Tooling

This repo is to help get shared Operators tools, experiences, and workflows in one location. These tools are not fully tested and are community supported. The goal is to create somewhere that useful scripts and other tools can be shared, improved, and used as a starting point to customize for your own specific deployment.

For more details on how to contribute, please follow the Gerrit git-review process described at

If you need some additional help or have questions getting your patches pushed, please reach out to anyone in the First Contact SIG!

This repo is maintained by the OpenStack Operation Docs and Tooling Special Interest Group (SIG). All work is voluntary by members of the community, and help is always welcomed. Some more information about the goals of this project can be found on the OSOps wiki page:

OpenStack Operators Info

New contributors are always welcome. You can get involved by proposing a patch to add useful scripts you have developed, or you can jump in all the way and join the SIG and help maintain code and docs, review patches from others, and help promote and build the operator community through meetups and other events.

Here are some useful resources and links to help you get involved:


This repo is an attempt to pull together tools from several different repos that were created with similar goals over the years. As such, some of the structure and some of the message in the commit history may seem a bit odd.

We would like to make access to these tools as easy as possible. If you have a good idea for how to restructure the code, please feel free to propose changes!