Configuration files for project CI systems
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Monty Taylor 09da196701 Remove explicit bindep parameters
All of these invocations of the bindep role are passing what amount to
the defaults. In zuul-jobs, doing bindep_dir: "{{ zuul_work_dir }}" is
important because it allows in-repo uses of those jobs to override how
they work for things like triggering from one repo but running on

The publication jobs in project-config do not need that level of
flexibility, so just remove params and let defaults take over.

As a follow up, we could also add defaults for zuul_work_dir - and
honestly for bindep_dir - to the base job. That way we can always count
on them being set to a sane default value, and they're still
overrideable in a job.

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OpenStack Infra Config Files

This repo contains a set of config files that are consumed by the openstack-infra/system-config puppet modules in order to deploy and configure the OpenStack Infrastructure. You should edit these files to make configuration changes to the OpenStack Infrastructure.


This dir contains the IRC access bot channel config. This config file is used to specify which channels are managed by the infra team and the permissions assigned to nicks in those channels.

IRC Documentation


This dir contains the main project registry in projects.yaml along with all of the gerrit project ACLs in the acls subdir. You will need to edit these files to add new projects to Gerrit.

See the Creator's Guide in the Infra Manual for info on adding projects.

Gerrit Documentation


This dir contains the gerritbot channel config file. Edit this file to add the gerritbot to your IRC channels for gerrit event messages.

IRC Documentation


This dir contains dashboards to display at Add new files to create additional dashboards or edit the existing ones to enhance the dashboards.

Grafana Documentation


This dir contains the Jenkins job definitions as supplied to Jenkins Job Builder as well as the scripts used in many of the jobs. Edit these files if you need to add/delete/modify Jenkins Jobs.

Jenkins Job Builder Documentation


This dir contains the nodepool scripts and nodepool disk image builder elements that are used to build the images we boot slave nodes off of. Edit these files if you need to modify the base images that Jenkins jobs run on.

Nodepool Documentation


This dir contains the index.html file for the site. Edit this file if you are adding and removing projects from that site.

Static Web Hosting Documentation


This dir contains the zuul layout.yaml file and its python functions file(s). These files determine what jobs are run on Gerrit events for each project. Edit these files if you need to change the jobs that your project runs or attributes of those jobs (voting, slave node type, etc).

Zuul Documentation


This dir contains config files for the development deployments of the above services.