OpenStack Ceilometer Puppet Module
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Takashi Kajinami 330da65baf Remove the ceilometer::policy class 2 weeks ago
agent Do not define service resource when manage_service is false 4 weeks ago
db Allow db sync timeouts to be configurable 11 months ago
keystone Remove parameters for keystone endpoint/service 1 month ago
config.pp Remove api_paste_ini resource 1 year ago
coordination.pp Use oslo::coordination to manage coordination parameters 5 months ago
db.pp Add mysql_enable_ndb option 1 year ago
deps.pp assert_private() params and deps classes 1 year ago
init.pp [hardware] readonly_user_password should be secret 1 month ago
logging.pp Add watch_log_file option 1 month ago
params.pp Merge "Update cpu meters of hardware resource" 9 months ago