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Add release note for Ussuri cinderclient release.

The official Ussuri release will be 7.0.0.

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Brian Rosmaita 3 months ago
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prelude: |
The Ussuri release of the python-cinderclient supports Block Storage
API version 2 and Block Storage API version 3 through microversion
3.60. (The maximum microversion of the Block Storage API in the
Ussuri release is 3.60.)

In addition to the features and bugfixes described below, this release
includes some documentation updates.

Note that this release corresponds to a major bump in the version
number. See the "Upgrade Notes" section of this document for details.

Please keep in mind that the minimum version of Python supported by
this release is Python 3.6.
- |
The ``--bypass-url`` command line argument, having been deprecated in
version 2.10, was removed in version 4.0.0. It was replaced by the
command line argument ``--os-endpoint`` for consistency with other
OpenStack clients. In this release, the initializer functions for
client objects no longer recognize ``bypass_url`` as a parameter name.
Instead, use ``os_endpoint``. This keeps the cinderclient consistent
both internally and with respect to other OpenStack clients.
- |
Fixed an issue where the ``os_endpoint`` was not being passed to the
keystone session as the ``endpoint_override`` argument.