2515 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Takashi NATSUME 3ac90a5273 Deprecate cells v1 and extension commands and APIs 1 week ago
  zhu.boxiang 41c25881e6 Add host and hypervisor_hostname to create servers 3 months ago
  Takashi NATSUME 81ec72ecf8 Remove deprecated methods and properties 3 weeks ago
  zhangbailin 7b9d300089 Set the lower limit of api_version for volume_type 1 month ago
  Surya Seetharaman f78a4706d3 Allow passing negative values for the locked search_opt in cs.servers.list 2 months ago
  Matt Riedemann 0dc6b96ec8 Allow searching for hypervisors and getting back details 2 months ago
  chenke 2ecb39710f Optimize limit option docs string description for novaclient 4 months ago
  Surya Seetharaman f0388977c1 [Docs] Update client docs to add reason and locked options 2 months ago
  Surya Seetharaman a1ac69c69a Microversion 2.73: Support adding the reason behind a server lock 3 months ago
  Artom Lifshitz 2595bac229 Use SHA256 instead of MD5 in completion cache 2 months ago
  Takashi NATSUME fe4138aea4 Updates for OpenDev transition 2 months ago
  Matt Riedemann e8f7aaf909 Add test for console-log and docs for bug 1746534 3 months ago
  Stephen Finucane a9b1125f7b Revert "Fix crashing console-log" 3 months ago
  Takashi NATSUME a7ea3fb09b Remove deprecated options 4 months ago
  Lajos Katona 62bf8809c6 Add support for microversion v2.72 5 months ago
  Takashi NATSUME b2cd7e12cc Microversion 2.71 - show server group 4 months ago
  Takashi NATSUME a306395d74 Remove unnecessary if statement 4 months ago
  Matt Riedemann de22cdd3c8 Add support for microversion 2.70 - expose device tags 5 months ago
  Takashi NATSUME 7e877c4fdb Fix changes-before values in an instance action test 4 months ago
  asmita singh 4450e7ba31 Handle unicode multi-byte characters 6 months ago
  Surya Seetharaman 14a45183ee API microversion 2.69: Handles Down Cells 1 year ago
  Matt Riedemann 874b03068f Make Server.networks use a predictable sort order 4 months ago
  Takashi NATSUME 7e56102201 Fix output of interface-attach command 5 months ago
  Stephen Finucane 162f4769b8 Microversion 2.68: Remove 'forced' live migrations, evacuations 5 months ago
  Takashi NATSUME 8eb7d1c5cc Remove deprecated novaclient.v2.contrib modules 5 months ago
  Matt Riedemann 4ceba48697 Add a note in "nova service-delete" help about deleting computes 6 months ago
  ZhijunWei 85e9b58e9b Update hacking version 6 months ago
  zhaolihui b13ba0138f Fix flavor keyerror when nova boot vm 1 year ago
  Takashi NATSUME 1df18e2d99 Fix a type of block_device_mapping_v2 in a comment 8 months ago
  Alessandro Pilotti 3a8d09ec77 Fixes Python3 issue in decoding password 9 months ago
  Tao Li 910201f201 Deprecate the unused instance-name 10 months ago
  Takashi NATSUME 80b4286981 Replace MB with MiB 9 months ago
  Matt Riedemann 578b37f994 Recommend against using --force for evacuate/live migration 9 months ago
  Matt Riedemann 4fef02de71 Add support for microversion 2.67: BDMv2 volume_type 9 months ago
  Takashi NATSUME 47dc339ab9 Follow up "Fix up userdata argument to rebuild" 9 months ago
  Sam Morrison cac7351b0e Fix up userdata argument to rebuild. 9 months ago
  Takashi NATSUME 98b088286d Fix test_instance_action functional test failure 9 months ago
  zhangbailin 4464a88737 Add support changes-before for microversion 2.66 10 months ago
  Takashi NATSUME 72b4441fe1 Improve the description of optional arguments 10 months ago
  openstack 05e287fa9f Enable split logging for cinder-novaclient interaction 1 year ago
  liuyamin 2d023bcb0e Replace os-client-config to openstacksdk 11 months ago
  Takashi NATSUME 46ad782fb0 Use uuidutils of oslo.utils 11 months ago
  Takashi NATSUME 33e89f99a4 Fix server strings in reboot operation 11 months ago
  Takashi NATSUME 045f641cec Refactor the getid method in novaclient/base.py 11 months ago
  Takashi NATSUME 1f75c7662d Use jsonutils of oslo.serialization 11 months ago
  Takashi NATSUME f1005ce76b Fix the help text for server-group-create 1 year ago
  Chen ba8b87fc97 Fix inconsistency 1 year ago
  Matt Riedemann 0b1e1bb7ce Add support for microversion 2.65 1 year ago
  Yikun Jiang 6c398058a6 Microversion 2.64 - Use new format policy in server group 1 year ago
  Takashi NATSUME 2e6ef0c45a Rename --endpoint-override to --os-endpoint-override 1 year ago