OpenStack Messaging (Zaqar) Client
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Python Zaqar Client

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Zaqar Wiki


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Client Wiki


#openstack-zaqar @ freenode

Welcome to the Zaqar Python Client project!


The latest stable release can be installed from PyPI:

pip install --upgrade python-zaqarclient

For the adventurous, you may also install the latest code directly from git

pip install git+

What's in the box

By installing python-zaqarclient you get programmatic access to the Zaqar v1.0 API library. Plus, it installs a plugin to python-openstackclient that allows you to perform simple queue operations.

How to use

Python client

Details about design, features, usage and workflow can be found in the Python Client Wiki.

Command line interface

Zaqar bases its client implementation in the OpenStack Client. It can be installed and configured by following the instructions in Getting Started and Configuration in the OpenStack Client Readme respectively.

The CLI currently allows creation, removal and listing of queues. Some examples are:

$  openstack queue list --limit 3
$  openstack queue create myqueue
$  openstack queue delete myqueue


Be sure to reference the HACKING file for details on coding style. You may also wish to read through Zaqar's Contributor Guide before contributing your first patch.

  • License: Apache License, Version 2.0
  • PyPi - package installation
  • Bugs - issue tracking
  • Source