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Előd Illés 35db4c21e6 Remove virtualenv pinning
virtualenv pinning was added on Yoga final release time because some of
the deliverables' packaging didn't work with the new python module
discovery (see details: [1]). 1 year passed, hopefully most of the
projects have fixed these errors, so let's unpin virtualenv.

Since newest virtualenv introduces some errors, those need to be fixed:
- skipdist=False needs to be removed otherwise openstack_releases won't
  be installed
- basepython=python3 is not necessary anymore since there is no py2
- allowlist_external is needed for tools/* scripts
This patch also adds python3.10 classifier to setup.cfg


Change-Id: Ibc1f538ddd04c0afeb3d5464fe0b1347ee3ea67a
2023-03-23 20:08:34 +01:00
data Mark 2023.1 Antelope as released 2023-03-22 09:49:59 +01:00
deliverables Merge "[yoga] Release designate 14.0.2" 2023-03-23 11:33:04 +00:00
doc Mark 2023.1 Antelope as released 2023-03-22 09:49:59 +01:00
openstack_releases Merge "Fix propose-final-releases command to use release-id" 2023-03-23 11:33:01 +00:00
templates Remove unused RC templates 2019-09-23 18:04:44 +02:00
tools Fix for new branch naming 2023-03-16 14:54:44 +01:00
.gitignore Switch to stestr 2018-07-10 10:38:33 +07:00
.gitreview OpenDev Migration Patch 2019-04-19 19:37:48 +00:00
.stestr.conf Switch to stestr 2018-07-10 10:38:33 +07:00
.zuul.yaml Uncap jsonschema 2022-07-26 12:24:11 +02:00
CONTRIBUTING.rst Move release team ladder & infra into proper page 2021-07-22 15:31:25 +02:00
LICENSE Add top level LICENSE file 2018-10-17 10:36:04 +11:00
README.rst moving to OFTC 2021-05-27 13:53:16 +02:00
bindep.txt Cleanup bindep packages 2020-04-11 15:57:21 -05:00
requirements.txt Uncap jsonschema 2022-07-26 12:24:11 +02:00
setup.cfg Remove virtualenv pinning 2023-03-23 20:08:34 +01:00 [Trivial] Remove executable privilege of 2016-05-09 16:38:37 +00:00
test-requirements.txt Update to latest hacking for pep8 checks 2020-07-27 16:33:03 -05:00
tox.ini Remove virtualenv pinning 2023-03-23 20:08:34 +01:00
watched_queries.yml Rename to 2019-05-12 04:33:25 +08:00
yamllint.yml add linter rules for vertical whitespace 2017-07-31 17:26:33 -04:00


OpenStack Releases


This repository is used to drive release automation for OpenStack release deliverables, ultimately publishing them on the website.

Changes to this repository are proposed using Gerrit at This repository is managed by the OpenStack Release Management team.

For more information on how to use this repository, please read our reference documentation.

Who should use this repository

All official OpenStack software should go through the OpenStack Release Management team team to produce releases. Exceptions to this rule are granted by the Technical Committee and documented in the openstack/governance repository ('release-management' key in reference/projects.yaml).

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More information

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