OpenStack code review report generator
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HTML report generator for OpenStack code reviews. Launchpad meets Gerrit.

Inspired by 'reviewlist' scripts written by Thierry Carez.


HTML report generator which creates a prioritized review list w/ function test results. The report includes:

  • Prioritized listing of merge proposals by project
  • Direct links to gerrit code reviews
  • Direct links to test results for each branch (Unit, Libvirt, XenServer)


  1. Git clone the project.
  2. Install Python libraries for launchpadlib and cheetah.
  3. Setup your ssh credentials to work w/ Gerrit. See for details.
	$ cat ~/.ssh/config 
	Host review
	  Port 29418
	  User dan-prince


PYTHONPATH=$PWD ./bin/reviewday

An output directory called 'out_report' is generated in the current directory.

Alternately you can execute reviewday in a tox environment by using:

   tox -erun

Customizing the projects

If you wish to customize the output of reviewday you can use the -p (--project-file) option to provide a custom project names file. This file should be a valid YAML/JSON file formatted like this:

  - name: dib-utils
  - name: diskimage-builder
  - name: tripleo-heat-templates
    launchpad_project: tripleo
  - name: tripleo-image-elements
    launchpad_project: tripleo
  - name: tripleo-incubator
    launchpad_project: tripleo
      #Add a custom namespace like this. Defaults to 'openstack/'
  - name: openstack-infra/tripleo-ci
    launchpad_project: tripleo


See LICENSE.txt for further details.