MapR provisioning plugin for Sahara
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As discussed in TC PTG[1] and TC resolution[2], dropping
the lower-constraints.txt file and its testing.
We will keep lower bounds in the requirements.txt file but
with a note that these are not tested lower bounds and we
try our best to keep them updated.

And switch to openstack-python3-zed-jobs


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OpenStack Data Processing ("Sahara") MapR plugin

OpenStack Sahara MapR Plugin provides the users the option to start MapR clusters on OpenStack Sahara. Check out OpenStack Sahara documentation to see how to deploy the MapR Plugin.

Sahara at

Storyboard project:!/project/openstack/sahara-plugin-mapr

Sahara docs site:

Quickstart guide:

How to participate:


Bugs and feature requests:!/openstack/sahara-plugin-mapr

Release notes:


Apache License Version 2.0