Clustering service for managing homogeneous objects in OpenStack
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Senlin is a clustering service for OpenStack clouds. It creates and operates clusters of homogeneous objects exposed by other OpenStack services. The goal is to make the orchestration of collections of similar objects easier.

Senlin provides RESTful APIs to users so that they can associate various policies to a cluster. Sample policies include placement policy, load balancing policy, health policy, scaling policy, update policy and so on.

Senlin is designed to be capable of managing different types of objects. An object's lifecycle is managed using profile type implementations, which are themselves plugins.

For Users

If you want to install Senlin for a try out, please refer to the documents under the doc/source/user/ subdirectory. User guide online link:

For Developers

There are many ways to help improve the software, for example, filing a bug, submitting or reviewing a patch, writing or reviewing some documents. There are documents under the doc/source/contributor subdirectory. Developer guide online link:


Launchpad Projects

Code Repository


Bug Tracking

Weekly Meetings


IRC Channel: #senlin on Freenode.


Project use as the mailinglist. Please use tag [Senlin] in the subject for new threads.

Release notes