A set of tools to support the development and test of the Sushy library
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Zuul fa3627ead0 Merge "Add support for returning message and attribute registries" 4 months ago
.placeholder Add release notes generation 3 years ago
add-chassis-resource-aab57e319e6c7088.yaml Add Chassis resource support 2 years ago
add-drive-resource-a827e136600071f3.yaml Add Drive resource support 2 years ago
add-indicator-led-resource-672255319e6c3421.yaml Add Indicator LED resource emulation 2 years ago
add-managers-resource-ffa58e329eccc058.yaml Add Managers resource support 2 years ago
add-processor-schema-f23195a923f5830f.yaml Adding basic support for processors schema 9 months ago
add-simple-storage-resource-200e78d78c6aa8df.yaml Add Simple Storage resource support 2 years ago
add-storage-resource-52bf30f50dd7b0a1.yaml Add Storage and Storage Controllers resource support 2 years ago
add-thermal-resource-8623543795643123.yaml Add Thermal resource emulation 2 years ago
add-virtual-media-4a137a5fb5017031.yaml Add `get/set_boot_image` to libvirt driver 2 years ago
add-volume-collection-to-storage-template-b673a7acfbb1a03e.yaml Add Volumes nav property to Storage template 1 year ago
add-volume-resource-db795af928e41e5c.yaml Add Volume resource support 2 years ago
add_message_and_attribute_registries-71e14a53bfa658da.yaml Add support for returning message and attribute registries 4 months ago
debug-mode-0dccdc3702c0590e.yaml Allow setting debug mode from command line 10 months ago
drop-python2-48e8388f96998244.yaml Drop python 2.7 support and testing 2 years ago
fix-boot-mode-constant-71e6a7ec6b010273.yaml Fix `BootSourceOverrideMode` enumeration 2 years ago
fix-libvirt-boot-image-965d94fd30bca7b0.yaml Fix libvirt set-boot-image implementation 2 years ago
fix-libvirt-boot-mode-3ec2ccf49f96aec8.yaml Fix reading/setting libvirt domain boot device 2 years ago
fix-libvirt-list-1ccf5a18bc89793d.yaml Include all libvirt domains in Systems 2 years ago
fix-libvirt-statefulness-0a2a7812d79fdd25.yaml Bring libvirt domain down prior to any change 2 years ago
fix-redirect-code-a0aa43251be7de0c.yaml Use HTTP code 307 for redirects 2 years ago
fix-retain-boot-device-5ae02731d2a000d3.yaml Retain boot device selection upon boot image change 2 years ago
fix-storage-drive-defaults-3a925a0063738b77.yaml Fix defaults to storage and drive resources 2 years ago
fix-wsgi-config-e3f63f91152225f8.yaml Simplify resource initialization 2 years ago
floppy-1be04ed78708caf1.yaml Provide correct libvirt name/bus for virtual floppy 9 months ago
no-boot-1709a77ecc140034.yaml Read current domain state from XML on filesystem 1 year ago
q35-aea1a63ff2c7c72b.yaml Fix virtual media with q35 machines 11 months ago
virtual-media-alternate-bus-6d984ae45acb7ac4.yaml Support non-ide virtual media buses 1 year ago