A set of tools to support the development and test of the Sushy library
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Redfish development tools

This is a set of simple simulation tools aiming at supporting the development and testing of the Redfish protocol implementations and, in particular, Sushy library (https://docs.openstack.org/sushy/). It is not designed for use outside of development and testing environments. Please do not run sushy-tools in a production environment of any kind.

The package ships two simulators - static Redfish responder and virtual Redfish BMC that is backed by libvirt or OpenStack cloud.

The static Redfish responder is a simple REST API server which responds the same things to client queries. It is effectively read-only.

The virtual Redfish BMC resembles the real Redfish-controlled bare-metal machine to some extent. Some client queries are translated to commands that actually control VM instances simulating bare metal hardware. However some of the Redfish commands just return static content never touching the virtualization backend and, for that matter, virtual Redfish BMC is similar to the static Redfish responser.