Add docs section on config options to reviewers guide

This commit adds an additional section to the reviewers guide to
elaborate on the policy around configuration options. We already
documented part of it in the plugin interface documentation, but this
should make the policy around it a bit more clear.

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@ -51,6 +51,19 @@ skipped or not. Do not approve changes that depend on an API call to determine
whether to skip or not.
Configuration Options
With the introduction of the tempest external test plugin interface we needed
to provide a stable contract for tempest's configuration options. This means
we can no longer simply remove a configuration option when it's no longer used.
Patches proposed that remove options without a deprecation cycle should not
be approved. Similarly when changing default values with configuration we need
to similarly be careful that we don't break existing functionality. Also, when
adding options, just as before, we need to weigh the benefit of adding an
additional option against the complexity and maintenance overhead having it
Test Documentation
When a new test is being added refer to the :ref:`TestDocumentation` section in