OpenStack Testing (Tempest) of an existing cloud
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Ghanshyam Mann 037ea4efe0 Enable Nova, Glance RBAC old defaults in pre provisioned account testing
Pre-provisioned account code and testing it not yet moved to the new
RBAC design/need so it gor broken when we enabled nova and glance
new RBAC by default in devstack. We need to fix it but until then
let's keep testing it with old defaults.

Related-Bug: #2020859
Related-Bug: #2020860
Change-Id: Ib290d4985b93f23dec502a202096d87ff00e9961
4 days ago
doc Fix creation of requested creds within the same project 3 months ago
etc Merge "Inclusive jargon" 2 years ago
playbooks Simplify definition of fips jobs 2 months ago
releasenotes Merge "Add tests to check attachments are secure" 1 week ago
roles Fix default values for variables in run-tempest role 4 months ago
tempest Merge "Add request id to logs if we get a timeout." 1 week ago
tools Separate the extra tests to run in a separate job 4 months ago
zuul.d Enable Nova, Glance RBAC old defaults in pre provisioned account testing 4 days ago
.coveragerc Remove the NegativeAutoTest Framework 7 years ago
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setup.cfg Fix python classifier for py39 6 months ago [ussuri][goal] Drop python 2.7 support and testing 3 years ago
test-requirements.txt Use unittest.mock instead of third party mock 3 years ago
tox.ini Switch to the master constraint in tox.ini 4 weeks ago


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Tempest - The OpenStack Integration Test Suite

This is a set of integration tests to be run against a live OpenStack cluster. Tempest has batteries of tests for OpenStack API validation, scenarios, and other specific tests useful in validating an OpenStack deployment.

Get in touch via email. Use [tempest] in your subject.