Add 'single core approve' policy for plugins sanity jobs failure

We discussed in Denver PTG[1] to make plugins
sanity jobs as voting which will help to mantain
the active plugins and blacklist the faulty plugins.

But when we get faulty plugins this job which will
be voting after
can block the Tempest gate. So adding the process of
single core approve policy for mergin the patches which
will fix or remove the faulty plugins to unblock the gate.

[1] L196

Change-Id: Id38e6270ac1bae8ba63761f9bab6f1e5d0a2252b
Ghanshyam Mann 4 years ago
parent 4006211b59
commit 2096631932

@ -183,6 +183,9 @@ When to approve
* the project's PTL +1's the change
* the patch does not affect any other project's testing gates
* the patch does not cause any negative side effects
* If fixing and removing the faulty plugin (which leads to fail
voting ``tempest-tox-plugin-sanity-check`` job) and unblock the
tempest gate
Note that such a policy should be used judiciously, as we should strive to
have two +2's on each patch set, prior to approval.