Add documentation for service catalog format

Tempest does not serve all kind of fancy service cataog format.
Service catalog should be in some standard and consistant format.

This patch adds those in doc to clarify the expected format of catalogs.

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@ -363,6 +363,17 @@ communication to a particular service. It is only if you are either not using
the same *catalog_type* as devstack or you want Tempest to talk to a different
endpoint type instead of publicURL for a service that these need to be changed.
.. note::
Tempest does not serve all kind of fancy URLs in the service catalog.
Service catalog should be in a standard format (which is going to be
standardized at keystone level).
Tempest expects URLs in the Service catalog in below format:
* Good -
* Wouldnt work -
(adding prefix/suffix around version etc)
Service feature configuration