Add plugin docs section on configuration options

This commit adds a subsubsection to the plugin interface docs to
elaborate a bit on how to deal with configuration options. Previously,
how to use them in a plugin was implied, but nothing was explicitly
stated. This corrects that to make it clear on how to deal with

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@ -91,6 +91,21 @@ Additionally, when you're creating the plugin you likely want to follow all
of the tempest developer and reviewer documentation to ensure that the tests
being added in the plugin act and behave like the rest of tempest.
Dealing with configuration options
Historically Tempest didn't provide external guarantees on its configuration
options. However, with the introduction of the plugin interface this is no
longer the case. An external plugin can rely on using any configuration option
coming from Tempest, there will be at least a full deprecation cycle for any
option before it's removed. However, just the options provided by Tempest
may not be sufficient for the plugin. If you need to add any plugin specific
configuration options you should use the ``register_opts`` and
``get_opt_lists`` methods to pass them to Tempest when the plugin is loaded.
When adding configuration options the ``register_opts`` method gets passed the
CONF object from tempest. This enables the plugin to add options to both
existing sections and also create new configuration sections for new options.
Using Plugins