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@ -33,6 +33,69 @@ from import XMLNS_11
LOG = logging.getLogger(__name__)
def _translate_ip_xml_json(ip):
Convert the address version to int.
ip = dict(ip)
version = ip.get('version')
if version:
ip['version'] = int(version)
return ip
def _translate_network_xml_to_json(network):
return [_translate_ip_xml_json(ip.attrib)
for ip in network.findall('{%s}ip' % XMLNS_11)]
def _translate_addresses_xml_to_json(xml_addresses):
return dict((network.attrib['id'], _translate_network_xml_to_json(network))
for network in xml_addresses.findall('{%s}network' % XMLNS_11))
def _translate_server_xml_to_json(xml_dom):
""" Convert server XML to server JSON.
The addresses collection does not convert well by the dumb xml_to_json.
This method does some pre and post-processing to deal with that.
Translate XML addresses subtree to JSON.
Having xml_doc similar to
<api:server xmlns:api="">
<api:network id="foo_novanetwork">
<api:ip version="4" addr=""/>
<api:network id="bar_novanetwork">
<api:ip version="4" addr=""/>
<api:ip version="6" addr="2001:0:0:1:2:3:4:5"/>
the _translate_server_xml_to_json(etree.fromstring(xml_doc)) should produce
something like
{'addresses': {'bar_novanetwork': [{'addr': '', 'version': 4},
{'addr': '2001:0:0:1:2:3:4:5',
'version': 6}],
'foo_novanetwork': [{'addr': '', 'version': 4}]}}
nsmap = {'api': XMLNS_11}
addresses = xml_dom.xpath('/api:server/api:addresses', namespaces=nsmap)
if addresses:
if len(addresses) > 1:
raise ValueError('Expected only single `addresses` element.')
json_addresses = _translate_addresses_xml_to_json(addresses[0])
json = xml_to_json(xml_dom)
json['addresses'] = json_addresses
json = xml_to_json(xml_dom)
return json
class ServersClientXML(RestClientXML):
def __init__(self, config, username, password, auth_url, tenant_name=None):
@ -54,7 +117,8 @@ class ServersClientXML(RestClientXML):
def _parse_server(self, body):
json = xml_to_json(body)
json = _translate_server_xml_to_json(body)
if 'metadata' in json and json['metadata']:
# NOTE(danms): if there was metadata, we need to re-parse
# that as a special type
@ -65,7 +129,6 @@ class ServersClientXML(RestClientXML):
for sub in ['image', 'flavor']:
if sub in json and 'link' in json[sub]:
self._parse_links(body, json[sub])
return json
def get_server(self, server_id):