Reviewing guideline: ask for CRD when new test+feature flag

To make sure that we don't accept new test that never gets executed.

Change-Id: I24435e575c9488c04a38e26719d5d4cfa29d7c27
Jordan Pittier 7 years ago
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commit f6a0b5e372

@ -13,6 +13,13 @@ that the first thing to check with any change is that a gate job actually runs
it. Tests which aren't executed either because of configuration or skips should
not be accepted.
If a new test is added that depends on a new config option (like a feature
flag), the commit message must reference a change in DevStack or DevStack-Gate
that enables the execution of this newly introduced test. This reference could
either be a `Cross-Repository Dependency <
manual/developers.html#cross-repository-dependencies>`_ or a simple link
to a Gerrit review.
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