Handle 'error_restoring' status in wait_for_volume_status

If cinder hits an error when restoring a volume from a backup the volume
is set to 'error_restoring' status. If tempest doesn't handle this and
fail fast, tests keep waiting for the volume to go to 'available' status
or timeout - and the timeout is what happens.

Related-Bug: #1483434

Change-Id: I8f6d0828a84ec5d4a5fa6332e55152bd67eaa605
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Matt Riedemann 2015-08-10 16:39:39 -07:00
parent c6170a0321
commit f77e7dcb33
3 changed files with 25 additions and 0 deletions

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@ -144,6 +144,8 @@ def wait_for_volume_status(client, volume_id, status):
volume_status = body['status']
if volume_status == 'error':
raise exceptions.VolumeBuildErrorException(volume_id=volume_id)
if volume_status == 'error_restoring':
raise exceptions.VolumeRestoreErrorException(volume_id=volume_id)
if int(time.time()) - start >= client.build_timeout:
message = ('Volume %s failed to reach %s status (current %s) '

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@ -92,6 +92,10 @@ class VolumeBuildErrorException(TempestException):
message = "Volume %(volume_id)s failed to build and is in ERROR status"
class VolumeRestoreErrorException(TempestException):
message = "Volume %(volume_id)s failed to restore and is in ERROR status"
class SnapshotBuildErrorException(TempestException):
message = "Snapshot %(snapshot_id)s failed to build and is in ERROR status"

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@ -18,6 +18,7 @@ import mock
from tempest.common import waiters
from tempest import exceptions
from tempest.services.volume.json import volumes_client
from tempest.tests import base
@ -47,3 +48,21 @@ class TestImageWaiters(base.TestCase):
self.client, 'fake_image_id', 'active')
@mock.patch.object(time, 'sleep')
def test_wait_for_volume_status_error_restoring(self, mock_sleep):
# Tests that the wait method raises VolumeRestoreErrorException if
# the volume status is 'error_restoring'.
client = mock.Mock(spec=volumes_client.BaseVolumesClient,
volume1 = {'status': 'restoring-backup'}
volume2 = {'status': 'error_restoring'}
mock_show = mock.Mock(side_effect=(volume1, volume2))
client.show_volume = mock_show
volume_id = '7532b91e-aa0a-4e06-b3e5-20c0c5ee1caa'
client, volume_id, 'available')