Ken'ichi Ohmichi 2e2ee19179 Fix H404/405 violations for remaining
There is a lot of H404/405 violations in Tempest now, and that leads
difficult to migrate the code to tempest-lib or the other projects'
repos. This patch fixes these violations for remaining.

Change-Id: I3abac40ebb33836980c119d59bc97f035b213c0a
2015-11-19 11:22:29 +00:00
__init__.py Add test_discover module to provide a load_tests hook 2013-12-18 19:51:07 +00:00
plugins.py Fix H404/405 violations for remaining 2015-11-19 11:22:29 +00:00
test_discover.py Fix error in loader.discover() call 2015-07-15 08:31:30 +02:00