Ken'ichi Ohmichi 0afa8819e4 Fix H404/405 violations for thirdparty and stress
There is a lot of H404/405 violations in Tempest now, and that leads
difficult to migrate the code to tempest-lib or the other projects'
repos. This patch fixes these violations for thirdparty and stress.

Change-Id: I467b2c4f12459d80b532d34c56731996603d4aeb
2015-11-19 09:42:05 +00:00
boto Fix H404/405 violations for thirdparty and stress 2015-11-19 09:42:05 +00:00
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Tempest Field Guide to Third Party API tests

What are these tests?

Third party tests are tests for non native OpenStack APIs that are part of OpenStack projects. If we ship an API, we're really required to ensure that it's working.

An example is that Nova Compute currently has EC2 API support in tree, which should be tested as part of normal process.

Why are these tests in tempest?

If we ship an API in an OpenStack component, there should be tests in tempest to exercise it in some way.

Scope of these tests

Third party API testing should be limited to the functional testing of third party API compliance. Complex scenarios should be avoided, and instead exercised with the OpenStack API, unless the third party API can't be tested without those scenarios.

Whenever possible third party API testing should use a client as close to the third party API as possible. The point of these tests is API validation.