Ghanshyam Mann 60245a1b49 Retire the Tricircle project
Recently the TC has worked on determining the criteria for when an
OpenStack project should be retired[1]. During Victoria cycle,
there was not a PTL nominee for the Triccirle project, that triggered
the TC to review the project health. In TC meeting it was decided to
retire the Tricircle project and was announced in the
openstack-discuss mailing[2].

This commit retires the repository as per process and if anyone would
like to maintain Tricircle again, please revert back this commit and propose
the re-adding of Tricircle to governance.

The community wishes to express our thanks and appreciation to all of
those who have contributed to the Tricircle project over the years.



Change-Id: Ide73af8b7dbbadb49f5d6a6bd068d5d42f501cca
2020-06-12 12:20:19 -05:00

388 B

This project is no longer maintained.

The contents of this repository are still available in the Git source code management system. To see the contents of this repository before it reached its end of life, please check out the previous commit with "git checkout HEAD^1".

For any further questions, please email or join #openstack-dev on Freenode.