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Alex Schultz c6308a1666 Make profile tasks host aware
When we switched to free, the task timing isn't accurate because it
records time between two tasks. With free, the tasks may be on different
hosts and not even the same task so the timing was the time between some
tasks.  This rewrite adjusts where we start and stop the task timing and
includes a hostname in the calculation. The inclusion of the hostname
allows us to pinpoint if tasks take longer on specific hosts as task ids
are generally (but not always) the same between hosts.

Change-Id: If0194091eb03186203e7724d506fdd36fd82baeb
3 years ago
action Add guard to ensure a mapping has a valid key 3 years ago
callback Make profile tasks host aware 3 years ago
filter Expose tripleo_container_manage_clean_orphans var 3 years ago
module_utils Fix parameter_defaults for nova less deploy 3 years ago
modules Merge "Derive HCI reseverved host memory without average guest workload" 3 years ago
strategy Refetch task 3 years ago
tests Update containers info module from collection 3 years ago