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The deploy-guide tox environment is added to the default list so that
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including the user and deploy guide.

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TripleO Documentation

This is the documentation source for the TripleO project. You can read the generated documentation at TripleO Docs.

You can find out more about TripleO at the TripleO Wiki.

Getting Started

Documentation for the TripleO project is hosted on the OpenStack Gerrit site. You can view all open and resolved issues in the openstack/tripleo-docs project at TripleO Reviews.

General information about contributing to the OpenStack documentation available at OpenStack Documentation Contributor Guide

Quick Start

The following is a quick set of instructions to get you up and running by building the TripleO documentation locally. The first step is to get your Python environment configured. Information on configuring is available at Python Project Guide

Next you can generate the documentation using the following command. Be sure to run all the commands from within the recently checked out repository.

tox -edocs,pdf-docs,deploy-guide

Now you have the documentation generated for the various available formats from the local source. The resulting documentation will be available within the doc/build/ directory.