Enable TLS in loadbalancer if cert path is detected

If there is a value for the certificate path (which should only happen
if the environment for enabling TLS is used) then the loadbalancer will
detect it and configure it's front ends correctly. On the other hand
a proper override for the example environment was given, since this
will be needed because we want to pass the hosts and protocols
correctly so the tripleoclient will catch it and pass it to

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Depends-On: Ie2428093b270ab8bc19fcb2130bb16a41ca0ce09
Juan Antonio Osorio Robles 7 years ago
parent 4d59bbb55e
commit ddc0d78dec
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@ -4,6 +4,38 @@ parameter_defaults:
SSLIntermediateCertificate: ''
SSLKey: |
The contents of the private key go here
CeilometerAdmin: {protocol: 'http', port: '8777', host: 'IP_ADDRESS'}
CeilometerInternal: {protocol: 'http', port: '8777', host: 'IP_ADDRESS'}
CeilometerPublic: {protocol: 'https', port: '13777', host: 'CLOUDNAME'}
CinderAdmin: {protocol: 'http', port: '8776', host: 'IP_ADDRESS'}
CinderInternal: {protocol: 'http', port: '8776', host: 'IP_ADDRESS'}
CinderPublic: {protocol: 'https', port: '13776', host: 'CLOUDNAME'}
GlanceAdmin: {protocol: 'http', port: '9292', host: 'IP_ADDRESS'}
GlanceInternal: {protocol: 'http', port: '9292', host: 'IP_ADDRESS'}
GlancePublic: {protocol: 'https', port: '13292', host: 'CLOUDNAME'}
GlanceRegistryAdmin: {protocol: 'http', port: '9191', host: 'IP_ADDRESS'}
GlanceRegistryInternal: {protocol: 'http', port: '9191', host: 'IP_ADDRESS'}
GlanceRegistryPublic: {protocol: 'https', port: '9191', host: 'IP_ADDRESS'} # Not set on the loadbalancer yet.
HeatAdmin: {protocol: 'http', port: '8004', host: 'IP_ADDRESS'}
HeatInternal: {protocol: 'http', port: '8004', host: 'IP_ADDRESS'}
HeatPublic: {protocol: 'https', port: '13004', host: 'CLOUDNAME'}
HorizonPublic: {protocol: 'https', port: '443', host: 'CLOUDNAME'}
KeystoneAdmin: {protocol: 'http', port: '35357', host: 'IP_ADDRESS'}
KeystoneInternal: {protocol: 'http', port: '5000', host: 'IP_ADDRESS'}
KeystonePublic: {protocol: 'https', port: '13000', host: 'CLOUDNAME'}
NeutronAdmin: {protocol: 'http', port: '9696', host: 'IP_ADDRESS'}
NeutronInternal: {protocol: 'http', port: '9696', host: 'IP_ADDRESS'}
NeutronPublic: {protocol: 'https', port: '13696', host: 'CLOUDNAME'}
NovaAdmin: {protocol: 'http', port: '8774', host: 'IP_ADDRESS'}
NovaInternal: {protocol: 'http', port: '8774', host: 'IP_ADDRESS'}
NovaPublic: {protocol: 'https', port: '13774', host: 'CLOUDNAME'}
NovaEC2Admin: {protocol: 'http', port: '8773', host: 'IP_ADDRESS'}
NovaEC2Internal: {protocol: 'http', port: '8773', host: 'IP_ADDRESS'}
NovaEC2Public: {protocol: 'https', port: '13773', host: 'CLOUDNAME'}
SwiftAdmin: {protocol: 'http', port: '8080', host: 'IP_ADDRESS'}
SwiftInternal: {protocol: 'http', port: '8080', host: 'IP_ADDRESS'}
SwiftPublic: {protocol: 'https', port: '13808', host: 'CLOUDNAME'}
OS::TripleO::NodeTLSData: ../puppet/extraconfig/tls/tls-cert-inject.yaml

@ -1343,12 +1343,7 @@ resources:
tripleo::loadbalancer::control_virtual_interface: {get_input: control_virtual_interface}
tripleo::loadbalancer::public_virtual_interface: {get_input: public_virtual_interface}
tripleo::loadbalancer::haproxy_log_address: {get_input: haproxy_log_address}
# NOTE(jaosorior): The service certificate configuration for
# HAProxy was left commented because to properly use this, we
# need to be able to set up the keystone endpoints. And
# currently that is not possible, but is being addressed by
# other commits. A subsequent commit will uncomment this.
#tripleo::loadbalancer::service_certificate: {get_attr: [NodeTLSData, deployed_ssl_certificate_path]}
tripleo::loadbalancer::service_certificate: {get_attr: [NodeTLSData, deployed_ssl_certificate_path]}
tripleo::packages::enable_install: {get_input: enable_package_install}
tripleo::packages::enable_upgrade: {get_input: enable_package_upgrade}