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  Zuul d43d314336 Merge "Add the Octavia log offload parameters" 1 hour ago
  Zuul b82bab09c9 Merge "Remove duplicate mount in rabbit containers" 13 hours ago
  Zuul a1d671689d Merge "Stop configuring install_command in tox." 19 hours ago
  Zuul 2d0ecb6333 Merge "Use a systemd service to handle sidecar containers" 20 hours ago
  Zuul c7f19f0bd2 Merge "Incorrect group name issue on non DPDK compute" 1 day ago
  Zuul 482e3f5489 Merge "Fix neutron api TLS issues" 1 day ago
  Jaganathan Palanisamy e83f2e99fb Incorrect group name issue on non DPDK compute 2 months ago
  Zuul c67d7e39ad Merge "ovn-db standalone: Create ovndbs before starting the OVN ovsdb servers" 1 day ago
  Michele Baldessari a7db39af7c Fix neutron api TLS issues 4 days ago
  Zuul 08f029cf7c Merge "Resolve FIXME for NeutronServer mapping" 4 days ago
  Numan Siddique e8ecbecb6a ovn-db standalone: Create ovndbs before starting the OVN ovsdb servers 4 days ago
  Alex Schultz 2dc7066b05 Use a systemd service to handle sidecar containers 1 week ago
  Zuul 6dce450058 Merge "container without paunch: set tripleo_container_manage_systemd_order" 4 days ago
  James Slagle 6687758c7a Resolve FIXME for NeutronServer mapping 1 month ago
  Daniel Bengtsson a465243be1 Stop configuring install_command in tox. 5 days ago
  Zuul 739e379e5b Merge "Use python -m pip instead pip command." 5 days ago
  Emilien Macchi 0171d11c64 container without paunch: set tripleo_container_manage_systemd_order 6 days ago
  Zuul 449afadb03 Merge "Readd creation of /var/log/mariadb directory" 6 days ago
  Zuul f195713779 Merge "Get rid of docker removing in post_upgrade tasks." 6 days ago
  yatinkarel 189d9b9211 Readd creation of /var/log/mariadb directory 6 days ago
  Zuul e1cb148f22 Merge "Use ansible role to create puppet cache" 6 days ago
  Zuul d87784dd82 Merge "Use distinct params for ca cert in nova-vnc-proxy and nova-libvirt" 6 days ago
  Zuul 1f1d1ce7ba Merge "Configure SNMP on undercloud" 1 week ago
  Zuul 9cde859656 Merge "Updates for dcn/dcn-hci sample envs" 1 week ago
  Jose Luis Franco Arza 4cbae84c75 Get rid of docker removing in post_upgrade tasks. 2 months ago
  Martin Magr 897678b33f Configure SNMP on undercloud 6 months ago
  Zuul 755c708a3f Merge "Remove deployed-server-roles-data.yaml" 1 week ago
  Zuul 14eef5f4ea Merge "Add ManageNetworks parameter" 1 week ago
  Alex Schultz 9931decca0 Use ansible role to create puppet cache 1 week ago
  Zuul f2a95da347 Merge "Added the ability to disable Mellanox SDN sync" 1 week ago
  Zuul 2685fd43e8 Merge "Remove odl in ComputeSriovIB" 1 week ago
  Zuul 4a8bd5d904 Merge "Correct mysql-pacemaker upgrade task" 1 week ago
  Daniel Bengtsson 35ff2c37c6 Use python -m pip instead pip command. 1 week ago
  Noam Angel 8a10389fba Remove odl in ComputeSriovIB 1 week ago
  Zuul e0f1b0d7e7 Merge "Fix the amqp presettle option for metrics and events in collectd" 1 week ago
  James Slagle 132aec7cdc Updates for dcn/dcn-hci sample envs 1 week ago
  James Slagle 013f6ca2dc Remove deployed-server-roles-data.yaml 3 weeks ago
  Zuul 9f7065b541 Merge "container-puppet: update 'env' when not null" 1 week ago
  James Slagle aade43dd12 Add ManageNetworks parameter 1 week ago
  Zuul f7cbee4d04 Merge "zuul: remove "files" for openstack-tox-tht" 1 week ago
  Zuul 164dae24c9 Merge "Drop legacy log folder and readme" 1 week ago
  Zuul 5e148fd0e9 Merge "Define ovn_dbs_image fact for upgrades." 1 week ago
  Zuul d3db930cef Merge "Fix debug hiera keys" 1 week ago
  Zuul c98ac1b69b Merge "Fix typo in OVN upgrade tasks." 1 week ago
  Zuul 5504f947ea Merge "tox: Keeping going with docs" 1 week ago
  Emilien Macchi c01f383ea0 container-puppet: update 'env' when not null 1 week ago
  Cédric Jeanneret 8b07a2259b Correct mysql-pacemaker upgrade task 1 week ago
  Alex Schultz cf3fa9d77d Fix debug hiera keys 1 week ago
  Jose Luis Franco Arza 460d4771a6 Define ovn_dbs_image fact for upgrades. 1 week ago
  Emilien Macchi ccf1bca97c zuul: remove "files" for openstack-tox-tht 1 week ago