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Luca Miccini 59300dfb30 Use --force when creating pacemaker resources 1 day ago
Zuul 676a60a507 Merge "Ceilometer: Remove ceilometer::db parameters" 1 day ago
Zuul d6f9836352 Merge "Deploy separate glance-api services for OSSN-0090" 1 day ago
Zuul dfb1f8f5fd Merge "Expose /var/lib/glance to cron container" 1 day ago
Zuul 00871be56f Merge "Use renamed task files for podman." 1 day ago
Zuul dfbcf7aa83 Merge "Improve volumes format check of" 1 day ago
Takashi Kajinami b532a04215 Expose /var/lib/glance to cron container 2 days ago
rabi 889dffa6a8 Fix openstack-tox* failures 2 days ago
Zuul e011c39b14 Merge "Designate/Octavia: Use HA Redis by default" 4 days ago
Zuul 2de85e121b Merge "Remove support for networking-ansible" 5 days ago
Alan Bishop d60969cb55 Deploy separate glance-api services for OSSN-0090 5 days ago
Zuul f484639674 Merge "Ensure standalone role data is up-to-date" 5 days ago
Daniel Bengtsson c36313639d Use renamed task files for podman. 6 days ago
Zuul b6834f36da Merge "Remove remaining reference to VPP and ML2/VPP plugin" 6 days ago
Takashi Kajinami f813a554a2 Ensure standalone role data is up-to-date 6 days ago
Takashi Kajinami 9172e88a11 Ceilometer: Remove ceilometer::db parameters 6 days ago
Zuul 201409adb4 Merge "Inject VipPortMap to ansible group vars" 6 days ago
Zuul e33f86b6d8 Merge "nova-compute: Remove old workaround to purge nova packages" 6 days ago
Takashi Kajinami 243166902c Remove remaining reference to VPP and ML2/VPP plugin 1 week ago
Zuul f3fc38f412 Merge "Run virtqemud with umask 0027" 1 week ago
Zuul cd1b47e47d Merge "Move podman socket" 1 week ago
Zuul 6c17f63aab Merge "Remove support for VPP and Neutron ML2/VPP plugin" 1 week ago
Zuul f0bd23f961 Merge "Remove unnecesary tls-verify" 1 week ago
Zuul 08af758492 Merge "Glance: Ensure nfs is mounted before starting glance-api" 1 week ago
Brendan Shephard d52619381c Remove unnecesary tls-verify 1 week ago
Takashi Kajinami 88e510415f Glance: Ensure nfs is mounted before starting glance-api 1 week ago
Zuul 429853422c Merge "Support for Cinder IBM Svf driver" 1 week ago
Zuul 21274a8c70 Merge "new tht for Cinder RBD backend" 2 weeks ago
Zuul 219b1bd98f Merge "Drop unused OS::TripleO::*::Steps resource types" 2 weeks ago
Zuul 947c1cd8e9 Merge "Remove leftover of MongoDB support" 2 weeks ago
Zuul 471031a9e9 Merge "Fix tripleo_delegate_to parameter in heat-engine" 2 weeks ago
Yamato Tanaka d940f58614 Improve volumes format check of 2 weeks ago
Zuul c6a5378f63 Merge "HAProxy: Remove usage of non-existing haproxy-systemd-wrapper" 2 weeks ago
Zuul dfadfdc8ea Merge "sshd: Strictly validate value for PasswordAuthentication" 2 weeks ago
Takashi Kajinami 3626ac3dfb Remove support for networking-ansible 2 weeks ago
Zuul eb31c2de7d Merge "Add roles data file for Standalone deployment" 2 weeks ago
Zuul 291f0a940c Merge "Drop empty environment files" 2 weeks ago
Zuul 847e0d6e9b Merge "Nova: Generate wrapper scripts during config file generation" 2 weeks ago
Takashi Kajinami 4ecf3ecaa4 Remove support for VPP and Neutron ML2/VPP plugin 2 weeks ago
Keigo Noha 4a1abe6c0a Fix tripleo_delegate_to parameter in heat-engine 2 weeks ago
katarimanoj 2a0b569e12 Support for Cinder IBM Svf driver 3 weeks ago
Terry Wilson ddaa270bd1 Support setting ovn-ofctrl-wait-before-clear 4 weeks ago
Zuul 8043956c8c Merge "Replace deprecated nova::os_region_name" 4 weeks ago
Zuul 30323d0fb8 Merge "Remove no longer used libvirt log hostpaths" 4 weeks ago
Zuul 91342318b8 Merge "Add legacy monolithic libvirt service for FFUv3" 4 weeks ago
Zuul aab79bc94f Merge "Gnocchi: Remove ineffective [api] middleware" 4 weeks ago
Zuul dfcf977ee8 Merge "Support actual hostnames in DeploymentServerBlacklist" 4 weeks ago
Takashi Kajinami 3df912576b Inject VipPortMap to ansible group vars 4 weeks ago
Zuul ae365c45b8 Merge "Drop templates to create Neutron resources" 1 month ago
Zuul 93692ed145 Merge "Do not use Neutron resource by default" 1 month ago