Heat templates for deploying OpenStack
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Sergii Golovatiuk ec2aa2313c Retry container pull 3 times 8 months ago
haproxy-container-puppet.yaml Expose the zaqar_ws_timeout_tunnel variable. 11 months ago
haproxy-edge-container-puppet.yaml DCN: use FQDN in glance endpoint with internal TLS 9 months ago
haproxy-internal-tls-certmonger.j2.yaml Request certificate for using host service principals 2 years ago
haproxy-pacemaker-puppet.yaml Retry container pull 3 times 8 months ago
haproxy-public-tls-certmonger.yaml Create a new parameter for the HAProxy external network 1 year ago
haproxy-public-tls-inject.yaml Task should fail on any failure 11 months ago