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The code repository is located at OpenStack. Please go there if you want to check it out:

git clone

The list of bugs and blueprints is on Launchpad:

We use OpenStack's Gerrit for the code contributions:,n,z

and we follow the OpenStack Gerrit Workflow.

If you're interested in the code, here are some key places to start:

Running tests

There are several ways to run tests for watcher-dashboard.

Using tox:

This is the easiest way to run tests. When run, tox installs dependencies, prepares the virtual python environment, then runs test commands. The gate tests in gerrit usually also use tox to run tests. For available tox environments, see tox.ini.

By running

Tests can also be run using the script, to see available options, run it with the --help option. It handles preparing the virtual environment and executing tests, but in contrast with tox, it does not install all dependencies, e.g. jshint must be installed before running the jshint testcase.

Manual tests:

To manually check watcher-dashboard, it is possible to run a development server for watcher-dashboard by running --runserver.

To run the server with the settings used by the test environment: --runserver

OpenStack Style Commandments