pmon.h: Ensure compat. with v5.10 kernel

The v5.10 kernel no longer guards the task_state_notify_info data
structure with #ifdef CONFIG_SIGEXIT, which causes a
redefinition-related compilation error. Work around this by checking for
the existence of the PR_DO_NOTIFY_TASK_STATE macro, and only define the
PR_DO_NOTIFY_TASK_STATE and the task_state_notify_info structure if the
kernel does not do so.

Story: 2008921
Task: 42915

Change-Id: I4bb499e2b52e20542f202dea1c2c55d88bb8ba61
Signed-off-by: M. Vefa Bicakci <>
M. Vefa Bicakci 2 years ago
parent fc84f13b64
commit 2d25f71f2a

@ -140,6 +140,12 @@ using namespace std;
/* Notification of Death Of Arbitrary Process */
/* Newer kernel headers expose the PR_DO_NOTIFY_TASK_STATE macro and the
* task_state_notify_info structure to user-space via the prctl.h header, so
* guard the definition of the macro and the structure with a pre-processor
* condition to avoid redefinition-related compilation errors.
/* New PRCTL Flag
* Set/get notification for task state changes */
@ -158,6 +164,7 @@ struct task_state_notify_info
int sig ;
unsigned int events;
/* The "events" bits in the struct correspond to the si_code values in the siginfo_t struct
* that would normally be sent along with a SIGCHLD to the parent process.