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Matheus Machado Guilhermino 4c8abe18d3 Fix failing mtce services on Debian
Modified mtce and mtce-control to address the following
failing services on Debian:

Applied fix:
- Included modified .service files for debian
directly into into the deb_folder.
- Changed the init files to account for the different
locations of the init-functions and service daemons
on Debian and CentOS
- Included "override_dh_installsystemd" section
to rules in order to start services at boot.

Test Plan:

PASS: Package installed and ISO built successfully
PASS: Ran "systemctl list-units --failed" and verified that the
services are not failing
PASS: Ran "systemctl status <service_name>" for
each service and verified that they are active

Story: 2009101
Task: 44192

Signed-off-by: Matheus Machado Guilhermino <>
Change-Id: I50915c17d6f50f5e20e6448d3e75bfe54a75acc0
1 year ago
mtcalarm.init Fix failing mtce services on Debian 1 year ago
mtcalarm.logrotate Modify mtce daemon log rotation config files 2 years ago
mtcalarm.pmon.conf Decouple Guest-server/agent from stx-metal 5 years ago
mtcalarm.service De-branding in starlingx/metal: Titanium Cloud -> StarlingX 3 years ago