StarlingX Test tools
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Davlet Panech 6843a76513 Fix github mirroring for this repo
Updating the rsa ssh host key based on:

Note: In the future, StarlingX should have a zuul job and
secret setup for all repos so we do not need to do this
for every repo.

Needed to rename the secret, because zuul fails if like-named
secrets have diffent values in different branches of the same

Partial-Bug: #2015246
Change-Id: I35d1bef12070ae0c1faa4b9dd41a1b90aa179acc
Signed-off-by: Davlet Panech <>
1 month ago
automated-pytest-suite Merge "Fix the case when a test trying to reboot active controller fails because stx-openstack is not applied" 1 year ago
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StarlingX Test repository for manual and automated test cases.


  • Clone the repo
  • Gerrit hook needs to be added for code review purpose.
# Generate a ssh key if needed
ssh-keygen -t rsa -C "<your email address>"
ssh-add $private_keyfile_path

# add ssh key to settings
cd <stx-test repo>
git remote add gerrit ssh://<your gerrit username>
git review -s
  • When you are ready, create your commit with detailed commit message, and submit for review.