OpenStack operator for Kubernetes
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docker build images/horizon -t vexxhost/horizon:latest
docker build images/keystone -t vexxhost/keystone:latest
docker build images/ceilometer --target ceilometer-agent-notification -t vexxhost/ceilometer-agent-notification:latest
docker build images/cinder --target cinder-api -t vexxhost/cinder-api:latest
docker build images/heat --target heat-api -t vexxhost/heat-api:latest
docker build images/heat --target heat-api-cfn -t vexxhost/heat-api-cfn:latest
docker build images/heat --target heat-engine -t vexxhost/heat-engine:latest
docker build images/glance --target glance-api -t vexxhost/glance-api:latest
docker build images/chronyd -t vexxhost/chronyd:latest
docker build images/magnum --target magnum-api -t vexxhost/magnum-api:latest
docker build images/magnum --target magnum-conductor -t vexxhost/magnum-conductor:latest
docker build images/mcrouter -t vexxhost/mcrouter:latest
docker build images/mcrouter-exporter -t vexxhost/mcrouter-exporter:latest
docker build images/memcached -t vexxhost/memcached:latest
docker build images/memcached-exporter -t vexxhost/memcached-exporter:latest
docker build images/rabbitmq -t vexxhost/rabbitmq:latest