OpenStack operator for Kubernetes

Updated 1 hour ago

libvirtd exporter for Prometheus

Updated 6 hours ago

Base jobs for VEXXHOST tenant

Updated 1 day ago

Helm chart for managing RBAC inside Kubernetes

Updated 2 days ago

Ansible role to provide a common server base

Updated 1 week ago

Node Labeler for Kubernetes

Updated 2 weeks ago

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Helm charts repository for various utiltiies

Updated 2 weeks ago

Dockerfile 0 0

Docker container images for various utilities

Updated 2 weeks ago

OpenStack tools for operators

Updated 2 weeks ago

Ansible role to deploy FRRouting

Updated 4 weeks ago

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Usage tracking system for OpenStack

Updated 1 month ago

Generic network exporter for Prometheus

Updated 2 months ago

Public documentation for VEXXHOST (and applicable for OpenStack clouds)

Updated 3 months ago

Linux agent for synchronizing users from Google Directory API

Updated 3 months ago

OpenStack Rally exporter for Prometheus

Updated 4 months ago