OpenStack operator for Kubernetes
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Mohammed Naser 6754029f2b Implement neutron 8 months ago
dashboard_v1alpha1_horizon.yaml Add tls,and enable multi hosts in horizon ingress 11 months ago
identity_v1alpha1_endpoint.yaml Add endpoint CRD 11 months ago
identity_v1alpha1_keystone.yaml Add keystone ingress 11 months ago
identity_v1alpha1_services.yaml Add service CRD 12 months ago
infrastructure_v1alpha1_mcrouter.yaml Merge labels with CR 1 year ago
infrastructure_v1alpha1_memcached.yaml Added basic keystone support 11 months ago
infrastructure_v1alpha1_rabbitmq.yaml Add Rabbitmq unit test 10 months ago
operator-config.yaml Implement neutron 8 months ago
orchestration_v1alpha1_heat.yaml Add basic heat support 11 months ago