Ansible role to manage Zuul
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Ansible role to manage Zuul


Zuul is a program that is used to gate the source code repository of a project so that changes are only merged if they pass tests.


  • pip3 to be installed if using zuul_install_method: (git|pip)

See bindep.txt for role dependencies.


Package repository index files should be up to date before using this role, we do not manage them.


An SSH private key will need to be installed before you can use zuul. The contents of the private key will be used by zuul_config_gerrit_user and should be copied to zuul_config_gerrit_sshkey.

Role Variables

Zuul Merger Configuration

# Value to pass to git config
# Default: Empty
zuul_config_merger_git_user_email: ""

# Value to pass to git config
# Default: Empty
zuul_config_merger_git_user_name: ""


Example Playbook

- name: Install zuul
  hosts: zuul
    - ansible-role-zuul