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Ironic Staging Drivers

The Ironic Staging Drivers is used to hold out-of-tree Ironic drivers which doesn't have means to provide a 3rd Party CI at this point in time which is required by Ironic.

The intention of this project is to provide a common place for useful drivers resolving the "hundreds of different download sites" problem.

What the Ironic Staging Drivers is not

  • The Ironic Staging Drivers is not a project under Ironic's governance, meaning that the Ironic core group is not resposible for the code in this project (even tho, some individuals that work in this project also hold core status in the Ironic project).
  • This project is not a place to dump code and run away hoping that someone else will take care of it for you. Drivers included in this project should be maintained and have their bugs fixed quickly. Therefore, driver owners are going to be asked to "babysit" their driver.