OpenStack in a snap!
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Snap Status

MicroStack is a single-machine, snap-deployed OpenStack cloud.

Common purposes include:

  • Development and testing of OpenStack workloads
  • Continuous integration (CI)
  • IoT and appliances
  • Edge clouds (experimental)
  • Introducing new users to OpenStack

Currently provided OpenStack services are: Nova, Keystone, Glance, Horizon, and Neutron.

MicroStack is frequently updated to provide the latest stable updates of the most recent OpenStack release.

Requirements: You will need at least 2 CPUs, 8 GiB of memory, and 100 GiB of disk space.

See the full MicroStack documentation.


At this time you can install from the --beta or --edge snap channels:

sudo snap install microstack --classic --beta

The edge channel is moving toward a strictly confined snap. At this time, it must be installed in devmode:

sudo snap install microstack --devmode --edge


Initialisation will set up databases, networks, flavors, an SSH keypair, a CirrOS image, and open ICMP/SSH security groups:

sudo microstack.init --auto

OpenStack client

The OpenStack client is bundled as microstack.openstack. For example:

microstack.openstack network list
microstack.openstack flavor list
microstack.openstack keypair list
microstack.openstack image list
microstack.openstack security group rule list

Creating an instance

To create an instance (called "awesome") based on the CirrOS image:

microstack.launch cirros --name awesome

SSH to an instance

The launch output will show you how to connect to the instance. For the CirrOS image, the user account is 'cirros'.

ssh -i ~/.ssh/id_microstack cirros@<ip-address>


The launch output will also provide information for the Horizon dashboard. The username is 'admin' and the password can be obtained in this way:

sudo snap get microstack config.credentials.keystone-password

Removing MicroStack

To remove MicroStack, run:

sudo microstack.remove --auto

This will clean up the Open vSwitch bridge device and uninstall MicroStack. If you remove MicroStack with the snap remove command instead, don't worry -- the Open vSwitch bridge will disappear the next time that you reboot your system.

Note that you can pass any arguments that you'd pass to the snap remove command to microstack.remove. To purge the snap, for example, run:

sudo microstack.remove --auto --purge

LMA stack

Filebeat, Telegraf and NRPE are bundled as the snap systemd services.

Customising and contributing

To customise services and settings, look in the .d directories under /var/snap/microstack/common/etc. You can add services with your package manager, or take a look at and make a code based argument for adding a service to the default list.

Reporting a bug

Please report bugs to the MicroStack project on Launchpad.