OpenStack in a snap!
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#!/usr/bin/env python
Verify that existing installs can refresh to our newly built snap.
import json
import os
import sys
import unittest
from tests.framework import Framework, check, check_output, call # noqa E402
class TestRefresh(Framework):
"""Refresh from beta and from edge."""
def test_refresh_from_beta(self):
self.passed = True
def test_refresh_from_edge(self):
self.passed = True
def _refresh_from(self, refresh_from='beta'):
"""Refresh test
Like the basic test, but we refresh first.
print("Installing and verfying {} ...".format(refresh_from))
host = self.get_host()
host.install(snap="microstack", channel=refresh_from)
prefix = host.prefix
check(*prefix, '/snap/bin/microstack.launch', 'cirros',
'--name', 'breakfast', '--retry')
if 'multipass' in prefix:
self.verify_instance_networking(host, 'breakfast')
print("Upgrading ...")
host.install() # Install compiled snap
# Should not need to re-init
print("Verifying that refresh completed successfully ...")
# Check our existing instance, starting it if necessary.
if json.loads(check_output(*prefix, '/snap/bin/microstack.openstack',
'server', 'show', 'breakfast',
'--format', 'json'))['status'] == 'SHUTOFF':
print("Starting breakfast (TODO: auto start.)")
check(*prefix, '/snap/bin/microstack.openstack', 'server', 'start',
# Launch another instance
check(*prefix, '/snap/bin/microstack.launch', 'cirros',
'--name', 'lunch', '--retry')
# Verify networking
if 'multipass' in prefix:
self.verify_instance_networking(host, 'breakfast')
self.verify_instance_networking(host, 'lunch')
# Verify GUI
if __name__ == '__main__':
# Run our tests, ignoring deprecation warnings and warnings about
# unclosed sockets. (TODO: setup a selenium server so that we can
# move from PhantomJS, which is deprecated, to to Selenium headless.)