OpenStack in a snap!
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set -ex
snapctl set \
ospassword=keystone \
extgateway= \
extcidr= \
# MySQL snapshot for speedy install
# snapshot is a mysql data dir with
# rocky keystone,nova,glance,neutron dbs.
mkdir -p ${SNAP_COMMON}/lib
# Install conf.d configuration from snap for db etc
echo "Installing configuration for OpenStack Services"
for project in neutron nova keystone glance; do
mkdir -p ${SNAP_COMMON}/etc/${project}/${project}.conf.d
cp -r ${SNAP}/etc/${project}/${project}.conf.d/* ${SNAP_COMMON}/etc/${project}/${project}.conf.d || true # Skip conf files that have been moved into templates
# Make a place for our horizon config overrides to live
mkdir -p ${SNAP_COMMON}/etc/horizon/local_settings.d
snap-openstack setup # Sets up templates for the first time.