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@ -27,12 +27,30 @@ LOG = log.getLogger(__name__)
def is_fixture(obj):
'''Returns whenever obj is a fixture or not'''
return (getattr(obj, '__tobiko_fixture__', False) or
isinstance(obj, fixtures.Fixture) or
(inspect.isclass(obj) and issubclass(obj, fixtures.Fixture)))
def get_fixture(obj, manager=None):
'''Returns a fixture identified by given :param obj:
It returns registered fixture for given :param obj:. If none has been
registered it creates a new one.
:param obj: can be:
- an instance of fixtures.Fixture class: on such case it would return
obj itself
- the unique fully qualified name or an object that refers to a fixture
class or an instance to a fixture.
- the class of the fixture. It must be a subclass of fixtures.Fixture
:returns: an instance of fixture class identified by obj, or obj itself
if it is instance of fixtures.Fixture class.
if isinstance(obj, fixtures.Fixture):
return obj
@ -41,6 +59,7 @@ def get_fixture(obj, manager=None):
def get_fixture_name(obj):
'''Get unique fixture name'''
return obj.__tobiko_fixture_name__
except AttributeError:
@ -48,10 +67,12 @@ def get_fixture_name(obj):
if is_fixture(obj):
obj.__tobiko_fixture__ = True
obj.__tobiko_fixture_name__ = name
return name
return name
raise TypeError('Object {obj!r} is not a fixture.'.format(obj=obj))
def get_fixture_class(obj):
'''Get fixture class'''
if isinstance(obj, six.string_types):
obj = tobiko.load_object(obj)
@ -63,15 +84,18 @@ def get_fixture_class(obj):
def get_fixture_dir(obj):
'''Get directory of fixture class source code file'''
return os.path.dirname(inspect.getfile(get_fixture_class(obj)))
def remove_fixture(obj, manager=None):
'''Unregister fixture identified by given :param obj: if any'''
manager = manager or FIXTURES
return manager.remove_fixture(obj)
def setup_fixture(obj, manager=None):
'''Get registered fixture and setup it up'''
fixture = get_fixture(obj, manager=manager)
LOG.debug('Set up fixture %r', get_fixture_name(fixture))
@ -85,6 +109,7 @@ def setup_fixture(obj, manager=None):
def cleanup_fixture(obj, manager=None):
'''Get registered fixture and clean it up'''
fixture = get_fixture(obj, manager=manager)
LOG.debug('Clean up fixture %r', get_fixture_name(fixture))
@ -92,6 +117,7 @@ def cleanup_fixture(obj, manager=None):
def get_name_and_object(obj):
'''Get (name, obj) tuple identified by given :param obj:'''
if isinstance(obj, six.string_types):
return obj, tobiko.load_object(obj)
@ -117,6 +143,7 @@ def visit_objects(objects):
def list_required_fixtures(objects):
'''List fixture names required by given objects'''
result = []
objects = list(objects)
for name, obj in visit_objects(objects):
@ -137,11 +164,13 @@ def list_required_fixtures(objects):
def is_test_method(obj):
'''Returns whenever given object is a test method'''
return ((inspect.isfunction(obj) or inspect.ismethod(obj)) and
def get_required_fixture(obj):
'''Get fixture names required by given :param obj:'''
required_fixtures = getattr(obj, '__tobiko_required_fixtures__', None)
if required_fixtures is None:
required_fixtures = []
@ -187,14 +216,21 @@ def init_fixture(obj, name):
def required_fixture(obj):
'''Creates a property that gets fixture identified by given :param obj:
return RequiredFixtureProperty(obj)
def required_setup_fixture(obj):
'''Creates a property that sets up fixture identified by given :param obj:
return RequiredSetupFixtureProperty(obj)
def get_object_name(obj):
'''Gets a fully qualified name for given :param obj:'''
if isinstance(obj, six.string_types):
return obj

@ -13,6 +13,7 @@
# under the License.
from __future__ import absolute_import
import os
import sys
import fixtures
@ -67,6 +68,9 @@ class GetFixtureTest(FixtureBaseTest):
def test_by_type(self):
def test_by_instance(self):
def _test_get_fixture(self, obj):
fixture = tobiko.get_fixture(obj)
self.assertIsInstance(fixture, MyFixture)
@ -79,9 +83,6 @@ class GetFixtureTest(FixtureBaseTest):
def test_by_instance(self):
class GetFixtureNameTest(FixtureBaseTest):
@ -90,6 +91,44 @@ class GetFixtureNameTest(FixtureBaseTest):
result = tobiko.get_fixture_name(fixture)
self.assertEqual(canonical_name(MyFixture), result)
def test_with_other_type(self):
obj = object()
ex = self.assertRaises(TypeError, tobiko.get_fixture_name, obj)
self.assertEqual('Object {obj!r} is not a fixture.'.format(obj=obj),
class GetFixtureClassTest(FixtureBaseTest):
def test_with_name(self):
result = tobiko.get_fixture_class(canonical_name(MyFixture))
self.assertIs(MyFixture, result)
def test_with_type(self):
result = tobiko.get_fixture_class(MyFixture)
self.assertIs(MyFixture, result)
def test_with_instance(self):
result = tobiko.get_fixture_class(MyFixture())
self.assertIs(MyFixture, result)
class GetFixtureDirTest(FixtureBaseTest):
expected_dir = os.path.dirname(__file__)
def test_with_name(self):
actual_dir = tobiko.get_fixture_dir(canonical_name(MyFixture))
self.assertEqual(self.expected_dir, actual_dir)
def test_with_type(self):
actual_dir = tobiko.get_fixture_dir(MyFixture)
self.assertEqual(self.expected_dir, actual_dir)
def test_with_instance(self):
actual_dir = tobiko.get_fixture_dir(MyFixture())
self.assertEqual(self.expected_dir, actual_dir)
class RemoveFixtureTest(FixtureBaseTest):
@ -126,6 +165,31 @@ class SetupFixtureTest(FixtureBaseTest):
class FailingFixture(tobiko.SharedFixture):
def setup_fixture(self):
raise RuntimeError('raised by setup_fixture')
def cleanup_fixture(self):
raise RuntimeError('raised by cleanup_fixture')
class FailingSetupFixtureWhenFailingTest(FixtureBaseTest):
def test_with_name(self):
def test_with_type(self):
def test_with_instance(self):
def _test_setup_fixture(self, obj):
ex = self.assertRaises(RuntimeError, tobiko.setup_fixture, obj)
self.assertEqual('raised by setup_fixture', str(ex))
class CleanupFixtureTest(FixtureBaseTest):
def test_with_name(self):