Setup for translation

To start translation, we need to initially import the
translation file - and place it at the proper place so that
the usual CI scripts can handle it.

The proper place is for all python projects
$PROJECT/locale/$PROJECT.pot - see setup.cfg.

Further imports will be done by the OpenStack Proposal bot.

Setup also setup.cfg with the usual babel commands and add the default
babel.cfg file.

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Gary Kotton 2015-11-29 03:13:04 -08:00
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@ -1,2 +1 @@
[python: **.py]

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@ -65,3 +65,18 @@ autodoc_index_modules = 1
universal = 1
directory = vmware_nsx/locale
domain = vmware_nsx
domain = vmware_nsx
output_dir = vmware_nsx/locale
input_file = vmware_nsx/locale/vmware_nsx.pot
keywords = _ gettext ngettext l_ lazy_gettext
mapping_file = babel.cfg
output_file = vmware_nsx/locale/vmware_nsx.pot

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